[Comics] Ep. 24.5: Secret Holidays, Part 2

After the first part of Pepper & Carrot’s secret holidays, here goes the second and final part of Episode 24½:


I composed this episode with drawings from Pepper&Carrot, a famous image of GNU/Tux and bits from a few pictures. I made the dialogues and the bubblespeeches with Inkscape.

Many thanks to Richard Stallman who agreed to have pictures of himself modified and inserted in this story which he even said was "sweet"—now that is real sweet Smile

Background images by NASA, Public Domain.

I’ll make a proper list of the photos, with their authors, origins or titles and their licences — This will take a while, have to delve into my archives.

Link to all the real and original episodes of Pepper&Carrot, by David Revoy, CC-By 4.0 international.